My name is Jesús López-González, I hold a MSc graduate in Computer Science and a MSc in Telematics and Informatics and I live in Móstoles (Spain). After some years working in the private sector I have recently restarted an old project: doing my PhD thesis. And that’s the major reason why I started this blog.

Why Katharses? (katharsis, catharsis) Firstly, one of the meanings of this term is associated with the dramatic art. By attending to a performance, the viewer purificates himself because he learns from the mistakes the characters made. I’m sure I’ll make a lot of mistakes in this PhD adventure and I’d like to share my experience with you, so maybe you could avoid my bad decisions in your real life. Secondly, the catharsis is also synonim for purification. This blog aims to be fairly technical and I’d like to show you only the well done things. Finally, running has been an important pillar during my life time. Well, we can say that the “cathartic effect” it produces is something familiar to me.

Although the thesis purpose is unclear yet, we certainly know that Functional Programming, Reactive Programming, REST, metaprogramming and Speech are the most suitable candidates to establish a starting point. So, let’s start working!

Please, feel free to contact me at @jeslg.

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