Speech… What?

There’s no other way to start this blog than talking about Speech. Well, you may be wondering what it is. Indeed it’s a difficult question to be answered in a few lines, but it’s the project where I have been working on the last three years. As I have said, providing the best description for its understanding is not always straightforward, but here’s my modest attempt: “Speech is a programming language that empowers programmers to develop social web applications in a fast and easy manner.” But hey, hold on! I know what you’re thinking. This isn’t about social networks. It’s about developing applications for the society. Why another language? This question is not as difficult as the first one. We are confident that new abstractions are required to increase the productivity remarkably. In fact, you can find some applications on github to see it (I recommend you the Twitter one).  That’s it for today! If you want to read more about the topic, please refer to the Speech official blog. From now on, I’ll be telling what does this project mean to me. And that lead us to Habla Computing.

Habla Computing is the startup where I work. That’s the place where I learnt that Java was not modern at all (what a surprise!), that you can program with immutable variables, that macros are not always as dangerous as you saw in the university and that there’s a community with amazing hackers ready to answer your weirdest questions. As you could guess, I’m talking about Scala, but it’s not only about this great programming language. This is just an entry point for one to find out that there’re other choices. Better choices. At every level. However, don’t misunderstand me. It wasn’t a smooth process. Getting Speech embedded in Scala was really hard for every member of the team. Anyway, we made it and it has been a worthwhile.

Perhaps you didn’t notice it, but this was just an introduction post. An unusual one, I guess. But it tells my nearest roadmap, the one that led me to restart my PhD studies. Didn’t you know that this is about a doctoral thesis? Then, read the about notes. See you soon.